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Feedback and review process, act on results

The results of an assessment should be explained to the trainee. The trainee, on the other hand, should also be allowed to comment and express his/her impression of the assessment.

In terms of formative assessment, the aim is, to provide systematic feedback on the learning accomplished, help learners to understand their learning and motivate them for further education and training.

With the shift in education systems towards building qualifications from (more or less) independent learning units, formative assessment, that is, the development of a feedback culture and standards, has gained in significance.

Feedback has a significant impact on learning. The main objectives of feedback are to:

To benefit trainees‘ learning, feedback needs to be:

Feedback is valuable when it is received, understood and acted on. How students analyse, discuss and act on feedback is as important as the quality of the feedback itself. Through appreciative feedback, students come to understand how to develop their learning.

Example: Feedback "S move" at Audi AG

Feedback Trainer -> Trainee

Technical competencies
Knowledge + Skills
Perceptive faculty
Personal competencies
Transfer skills
Performance and dedication
Dependability and diligence
Confidence and self assurance
Social competencies
Orientation towards cost effectiveness and quality

Feedback Trainee -> Trainer

Technical competencies
Knowledge and skills gained
Support received
Resources provided
Emerging problems solved
Encouragement for self-reliance
Involved in work process and allowed to try out new techniques
Could plan and carry out tasks independently
Comprehensible explanations
Learning objectives attained
Relevance of tasks for overall operations explained
Trainer was available when necessary
Communication ensured
Feedback on training progress

Source: Anjo Berz, Bildungswesen Audi AG: Berufsausbildung bei Audi, Berufsbildungsforum Gundelfingen, 27.04.2011