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Good practice

The specifications given in the assessor guidelines for the VCQ Assessment in the motor industry of the UK can be seen as good practice:

Assessors should comment and give feedback each time they observe a learner or meet with a learner to review evidence. Therefore each time an observation or review of evidence takes place the assessor should enter the date and the evidence number, and make appropriate comments and feedback such as

  1. A description of the various activities being carried out by the learner for each unit.
  2. How the learner has met the learning outcomes for each unit.
  3. Questions that you have asked, particularly to cover evidence requirements, not demonstrated through performance.
  4. Questions you have asked to ascertain essential knowledge.
  5. Issues arising from assessment.
  6. Identification of good or poor performance.
  7. Any action required to further develop the learner‘s knowledge and skills.
  8. Constructive feedback to the learner.“

(excerpt from Peer Review Report UK, project TrainCom)

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