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An integrated competency assessment model

As a result of the project EDGE a competency assessment model has been developed for repeatedly assessing trainees thus integrating training and assessment. The assessment is carried out after completion and in relation to a learning unit defined by learning outcomes.

The competency assessment combines several techniques: Central part is a practical work assignment covering the essential features of the learning unit. This is complemented by written and oral tests.

Source: Kompetenzfeststellung bezogen auf eine Lerneinheit, Weber 2012, S. 159

The assignment is specified according to the steps of the complete action model.

Evidence to be produced
Relative weight
Steps of the task
Supporting documents
15 min. + 30 min. for solving
Written test
10 closed-ended + 4 open-ended
20 per cent
Read and understand work order
Collect information
Preparation list
30 min.
Set up work plan
10 per cent
Preparation list containing list of parts, tools and supplies
Carry out
150 min.
Set up and verify test log
30 per cent
Carry out task
Test log
Assure quality
30 min.
Functional check
20 per cent
Quality concept: sight control, dimensional check, result evaluation, functional check, defect assessment
10 min.
Delivery interview
20 per cent
Relate work assignment
Report results with regard to customer requirements
Functional check
Quality assurance
Necessary rework, rejects, consequences
Overall evaluation sheet

Total duration of the competency assessment should at least be 180 minutes.

A detailed account of the assessment model and its trial phase in German automotive enterprises can be found here:
Weber S. 155 ff