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Indicators of achievement

They are variables that reveal the attributes, qualities, properties, conditions, requirements, to be checked for each result to determine if it has been achieved or not.

The indicators serve to clarify and objectify what to evaluate; for example, quality, organization, correction.

To determine the indicators, some aspects have to be taken into consideration:

Indicators They refer to
Sequencing Performing each activity in the established order, following the correct steps for the proceedings.
Adaptation of tools, materials Selecting appropriate tools and materials for each activity
Handling equipment, instruments Demonstrating the manual dexterity required in the use of instruments, machinery handling, etc. Careful equipment handling to prevent spoilage
Accuracy and precision Using materials in the correct proportions, performing calculations without error, obtaining measures that match those laid down, adjusting the product to the technical characteristics of reference, etc.
Setting standards and safety Developing activities applying health and safety standards.
Planning/Scheduling Pre-programming activities; arranging the elements that are necessary (tools, equipment, etc.) so that assignment is carried out tidily. Making the best use of materials
Time Speed of execution; performing the activity or obtaining the product in the time interval established; etc.
Functionality The product is used for the intended purpose, functions, etc.
Display Caring for product appearance so that it reflects certain aesthetic features granting it greater perfection.
Others Initiative, following directions, responsibility, autonomy, etc.